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2006 USAFL Scholarship
AFL Scholarship: The selected player will receive a scholarship to travel to Australia and train with an AFL club.  The scholarship pays for airfare, meals and footy related travel.  The scholarship recipient will also have lodging provided for by the host club.  They will be expected to represent the USAFL with the highest character and behavior as well as competing at a high competitive level in training.  Previous AFL scholarship winners have played with the Essendon Bombers.  We hope to expand to other AFL clubs each year.  Opportunities exist for multiple winners each year.  This would require sharing the scholarship between those players.  Each applicant will be sent additional program details and responsibilities.

See Application at end of this Document

Macquarie University Scholarship
The Scholarship recipient will attend Macquarie University in Sydney for one semester, receiving free tuition and free accommodation.  The student will be able to play for the Macquarie University Kookaburras in the Sydney Football Association, or other appropriate club, and learn the game from Macquarie's experienced coaching staff, including its Head Coach, David Beauchamp.  The Kookaburras were SFA premiers in 1998, 1999 and 2000.  Macquarie University is a premier destination for U.S. college students, and it has hundreds of U.S. students participating in exchange programs and study-abroad programs every year.  The Macquarie Kookaburras and the SFA have years of experience teaching footy to Australians and non-Australians alike.  The scholarship recipient may also have the opportunity to take part in an internship involving sports management. 

The scholarship pays for one semester of free tuition to attend Macquarie University as well as accommodation for the duration of the semester. The student will be responsible for travel and visa-associated costs.  For information on accommodation see  The scholarship is open to all U.S. citizens currently attending a four-year college in the United States and playing for a USAFL club.  It is open to students in all academic disciplines taught at Macquarie University.  The applicant will be chosen on the basis of both academic and on-field performance and will require a minimum GPA of 2.5.
To be considered, applications must include a cover letter, a college transcript, and two reference letters, one from a professor at the applicant's college and one from the head coach of the applicant's USAFL team.  To apply to travel to Australia and attend Macquarie from March to July, 2005, please send applications by Friday September 30 to Julie Upton at:

USAFL Office
124 S. Main St
Delavan   WI   53115

The winner will be selected by the scholarship committee. For more information:
 Macquarie University:
 2003 winner, Tim Weir:

Amateur Club Opportunities:  The opportunity exists to play a season of footy with an Australian club.  Players will be matched to a club that best matches their footy skills. The player will be responsible for travel and expenses.  Some lodging arrangements can be worked out as well as small jobs to help fund expenses throughout season.

Hampton Rovers: 
 Contact:  Barry Bird

The Hampton Rovers are an Amateur Football Club located in Melbourne.  They are the largest club in Victoria outside the AFL.  The club was established in 1929 and has won seven Senior Premierships since then.  The Rovers have recently updated their facilities to make them one of the best in Victoria.  Sporting green and yellow jumpers the Rovers have extended an invitation to the USAFL to expand our football network.  You will be expected to pay your own way in regards to travel and expenses.  For more information on the Hampton Rovers check out their website at:

Avoca Bulldogs: 
 Contact:  Rowdy Dawson

The Avoca Bulldogs play in the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football League, which is a minor Football League that is situated between the Ballarat and Bendigo district.  Avoca has been a club for over a hundred and thirty years.  Avoca has a good relationship with the local community which is shown by their large list of company sponsors.  The Bulldogs in their red, white and blue vertically striped jumpers have extended an invitation to a selected USAFL player to come and play with the club.  There is not any funding provided by the USAFL.  A player will be expected to pay their travel and expenses.  Vineyards surround the region.  This offers the potential of seasonal work for a player to help with expenses.   Check out the Bulldogs website for more information on them:

Eltham Panthers: 
 Contact:  Dean Philpots

The Eltham Panthers have won seven Premiership Cups in DVFL division 1 football.  The Panthers have been a club team at least since 1922 wearing black jumpers with a wide red stripe running from should to hip.  US Revolution players David Thurmond and Donnie Lucero played for Eltham prior to the International Cup in 2002.  For more information go to the Panthers website at:

Financial Assistance: It is the aim of the USAFL to further develop its ability to financially support a greater range for scholarship options.  However at present only the AFL and Macquarie scholarships offer a financial component.  As part of the application process financial options for these two scholarships will be discussed with each applicant.

USAFL Scholarship Application

Complete one sheet per each application and send to the address shown above.
Email applications can be sent to

Which scholarship are you applying for?  Note: Deadline 9/30/05
  □ AFL
  □ Macquarie
  □ Hampton Rovers
  □ Avoca Bulldogs
  □ Eltham Panthers

What kind of financial aid do you require?
  □ Full
  □ Partial
  □ None

What club do you currently play for?

How many games have you played in the USAFL?

What positions have you played?


E-mail Address




Briefly explain why you are applying for this opportunity and why you should be chosen.

- Paul O'Keeffe

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