Baton Rouge players weather Hurricane Katrina

Our Baton Rouge Tigers players have had a tough time of it with Hurricane Katrina.  All of the players have suffered losses, all must have suffered real trauma.

And what would be the best antidote for fear and despair?  Footy!  We were delighted to hear that the boys all got together for a kick on the Saturday following the hurricane. Patrick Muller, President of the Baton Rouge Tigers tried all through the week to get word to the boys that they would be having a kick and was thrilled to see virtually everyone there. They are getting together this week-end and are hoping that they will be able to make arrangements to make it to the Nationals on October 1 & 2.  What a terrific spirit!

 The thoughts of the USAFL community goes out to all the players, their families and friends. 


- Office Manager

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