Letter to Umpires

Dear Fellow Footy Fans,

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts lead us to think of the National Football Championships to be held this year in gorgeous  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Nationals have always been an outstanding event for all; footballers, umpires, spectators and organizers alike all combine to make the Nationals the Rolls Royce event of the year so now is the time to “call to arms” umpires for the great weekend.

This year’s event is to be held on the weekend of October 1st and October 2nd.  Right how I need to know who is available and will be attending. We have a number of umpires who this year will be using the weekend to gain accreditation, having filled out their umpire course books and also having returned a number of umpire appraisal forms during the year. Formal accreditation for level One and level Two umpires in field, goal and boundary umpiring can only be awarded at Nationals and umpires completing these requirements will be presented with their certificates at the Nationals Dinner on Saturday evening in Milwaukee.

If you need more information about accreditation please don’t hesitate to contact me. Information is also available on the USAFL website in the umpire section.

Every year the USAFL arranges a financial subsidy for umpires for both travel and accommodation. Naturally, you will need to book your own for both, first check the Nationals website for preferred carriers and suppliers.

As a field umpire you can expect to run at least three games for each playing day - Saturday & Sunday. These are early starts, and late nights, but a hell of a lot of fun. Friday night will be the umpire’s team meeting which will outline the theme of the weekend and also set the scene for the rostering and responsibilities.

Please complete the Umpire interest form at http://www.usfooty.com/usfooty/content.aspx?section=umpires&id=13 and send it to me by the 31st of August.

Also follow the links on USFOOTY.com to the Nationals area for information concerning accommodation and the format for the weekend.

Please don’t hesitate to contact more if you have any questions regarding umpiring or the weekend.

Brian Green
USAFL Umpire Coach

- Brian Green

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