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The USAFL, in cooperation with this year's 2005 Nationals host the Milwaukee Bombers, are conducting a HUGE Raffle Drawing event that will allow each and every Club the opportunity to make as much money (or as little) as they want.  It will all depend on your efforts over the next 2 months.  Sponsorship and fundraising is one of the biggest obstacles that our Clubs face, whether your Club is a start-up or seasoned organization of the USAFL.  This Raffle is designed to be easy for you and it also helps solve some of the financial headaches that Clubs can face.  And this obviously will help the league as well.

The league will be giving away a Grand Prize of a Harley-Davidson *1200C Custom XL Sportster motorcycle!  Retail Value:  over $10,000!  Plus other prizes (see ticket below).  This should be an easy sell, guys.

How does our Club benefit from the Nationals Raffle?  Tickets are being sold to the public for $5 a pop.  Club Officials such as yourself (President, Treasurer or Secretary) are being given the opportunity to buy these raffle tickets, on behalf of your Club, in blocks of 100 (100, 200, 300, etc.) for 1/2 price, or $2.50 each.  You in turn will distribute these tickets to your Club players to sell for $5 each.  Whether you administer the sale so your Club as a whole benefits or the individual players benefit is solely up to you as a Club.  But either way, the financial benefits can be enormous!  And the money is earned immediately.

How much $money$ can we earn?  The sky's the limit but conservatively, if your Club has 20 players that sell 50 tickets each, you will make $2500 as a Club.  Get them to sell 100 tickets each and you can pocket $5000!!!

How many tickets can our Club buy?  As many as you want.  If you initially purchase 200 (for $500) and your players sell them in one week, you can easily buy another 200, or 500, or 1000.  Obviously, the more you can sell, the more $$$ you can make for your Club.

How do I buy the tickets for our Club?  Tickets will be mailed immediately upon receipt of payment.  There are 2 ways to purchase tickets:

1.   Go to the USFooty Store ( and purchase them with your credit card.

2.   Send a check, made payable to: USAFL.
Please mail to:
Barry Arnold
c/o Milwaukee Bombers ARFC
654 Dundee Lane
Hartland, WI   53029

A few other items of note:

People need not be present at the raffle drawing to win.
All USAFL members, to include all players selling the tickets, are eligible to win!
Club selling the most tickets will receive an award.
Player selling the most tickets will receive an award.

Mates, money for equipment and especially traveling have and will always be the struggling element with the league and the individual Clubs.  The USAFL has taken a very ingenious approach that will hopefully help ALL CLUBS overcome this financial stumbling block.  This is a great money-making opportunity...take it by the horns and run with it!!  We have 2 months....we encourage you to order your Raffle Tickets TODAY.

If you have any questions, contact Barry "Bear" Arnold, Treasurer of Milwaukee Bombers, at (414) 271-2726 or

- Andy Ciganek

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