A Special Invitation

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a founding member of the “Revolution Patriot Club”. The Patriot Club is an elite club, with a maximum membership of 40.

The formation of the Patriot Club, which was established in May 2005, will enable us to purchase a set of ‘Traveling Uniforms’ for those who represent the United States National team, the Revolution.

In August 2005, the Revolution squad of 35 will travel to Australia to compete in the second Australian Football League’s International Cup, so time is upon us to secure your support.

In 2002 the Revolution finished fifth overall in the first International Cup, but many players amassed large debts, as every player and member of the coaching staff paid their own way. We have high expectations for success this year, and helping our young players in any way we can will serve to strengthen our chances of taking the best squad possible and reaching our goals. We need to help them financially if possible, but more importantly, we need to help them look and travel like a professional team. 

If you attended our 2004 East versus West game in Atlanta, you saw many of the team members in action representing their region, and you would have also noticed how quickly the skills of the USAFL players have grown and developed.

The East versus West weekend is an annual event on the USAFL calendar, and this year the primary purpose of the weekend was to pick the final traveling squad to Australia. Every nominated player for the Revolution squad attended the weekend on April 30th, and the USAFL faced the hard task of cutting the numbers from around 70 to 35. This trimming of the squad is a necessary evil, because the traveling costs and logistics of flying internationally to play costs around US$2000-US2500 per person.

We are seeking your support as a charter member of the Patriot Club. For a membership fee of US$350, you will receive a USAFL Revolution Financial Membership plaque and a ticket to our gala dinner event at the USAFL National Championships, which is the USAFL’s national showcase event, where the squad will be honored for its achievements.

The Revolution Patriot Club members will also be presented with their plaques from Revolution players. In addition, if you choose to pay a membership fee of US$600, you will receive a signed and framed jumper from the 2005 International Cup Revolution team. The Patriot Club members will also have their names added to the USAFL’s Revolution Web page, if they so desire.

You may also want to provide full sponsorship support for a player to attend the International Cup. If so, the USAFL Revolution team manager or president can assist you in developing such a package.

The USAFL is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation, and thus donations towards the Revolution are tax deductible for US citizens.

To find out how you can become a founding member of the Revolution Patriot Club go to  http://www.usfooty.com/usfooty/docs/revolution/2005RevoDonation.ppt
We look forward to your continued support of the USAFL representative squad—the Revolution.

Best Regards,

Mark Wheeler            Greg Narleski                         Alan Nugent
USAFL President       Revolution Team Manager        Revolution Coach

- Mark Wheeler

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