James Brunmeier's Journal June 11

June 11-12

Friday marked the end of a long semester of classes. My last responsibility for the week was my internship final presentation. Once that was over I was able to kick off my busy weekend. I saw two different codes of footy out of three games, two in person.

On Friday I went over to a friend's apartment to watch the Essendon Bombers play West Coast Eagles. A couple other players came as well. We stuffed ourselves with homemade pizzas, yes plural, and then topped off with ice cream bars, yes, once again plural. The game was exciting all the way to the end and Essendon led for a good part of it but could not hold on. It was a valiant effort, West Coast is top of the ladder and Essedon is very near the bottom.

On Saturday I went with seven friends to the Telstra Stadium to watch the Wallabies (rugby union) crush Samoa. One of the seven was a teammate, the other six I didn’t know but by the end of the day we were all friends. After the game we headed to a local pub where we played Big Buck Hunter III, a true redneck video game. I got to revisit Wisconsin and shoot some bucks at the same time. Could life get any better than that?

On Sunday I watched the Sydney Swans clean up the Fremantle Dockers. The weather was as usual gorgeous. Rain was predicted but after a few sprinkles Saturday, the clouds vanished and the sun blazed. I went to the game with two of my roommates and two of my roommate's siblings. It is always fun explaining the game to Americans and as I expected, they liked it.

This week will be pretty busy for me. Since I have not seen much of the city I am going to spend a couple days being a tourist. On Wednesday I am going to the State of Origin rugby league game. Tickets are already sold out and the stadium can hold over 80,000 people, it will be a wild night.
As for AFL, this weekend was the Queen’s birthday so no games were scheduled and next weekend is a bye as well.

- James Brunmeier

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