Wrap Up & Video of Exciting Game in Colorado

May 13th at the Pepsi Center, home of the Colorado Crush Arena Football, Avalanche NHL and NBA's Nuggets. Let me set the stage.

Attendance for the game between the Colorado Crush and the Nashville Cats of the Arena Football League is about 15,000.  We wait in the tunnel for half-time. The game on the field is not bad but a lot of Time Outs.  About mid way thru the second quarter the announcer starts prepping for the half-time show. They show some highlights of the 2002 and 2003 National Videos.  They announce The Denver Bulldogs will be playing The Nashville Kangaroos in a "Real Aussie Football Game."

Half-time comes and it looks like the majority of the people stay to see the show. The lights turn down and they announce the Roos.  The Roo's trot onto the field with a ton of Boos. Then the spot lights come out and with a Chicago Bulls like announcement we hear "And now the 4 Time USFooty National Champions, 'Your" Denver Bulldogs.  We came out to a thunderous ovation. They were totally into it and I will never forget that feeling. It was AWESOME.

The lights came back on then we went right to the bounce. It was a very fast game with some really good hits and plays. The crowd was totally into it. At the end they did a count down from 10 to end our game and we got a huge, huge amount of applause.

To finish it all off we go back to our seats and have people come up for Autographs.

Thanks to Nashville for sending the Jumpers. It was a huge success.

This is a great opportunity for all clubs.  Feel free to contact me for any help on how to pursue it.

Watch the video   http://www.denverbulldogs.com/_/media/pepsi_center.asx

Tom Ellis
Denver Bulldogs

- Tom Ellis

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