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The Revolution is an All-Star team of Americans from around the country playing Australian Football and competing with national teams from around the world.The Revolution selection committee utilized statistics and playing performances of players during the East v. West tournament, USA v. Canada, and the US Nationals played in Atlanta. Since the successful East/West 2004, a squad of 67 was selected for the Canada game in August 2004 and training camps for spring 2005.The Canada weekend was very successful.  The Major News is the appointment of Greg Narleski as the new team manager - welcome aboard.

In the past few months Training Camps have been held in Phoenix, March 19, 20, Chicago April 2, 3 and Denver April 9, 10. 16-24 players attended each camp to help prepare for the International Cup in August.  The Denver camp we participated in the fitness and skills testing of Collingwood and Denver football clubs.  Steve Budrick, as well as Alan Nugent also attended each weekend. All weekends involved players manual, team rules (on and off field), set plays, formal fitness testing, formal skills testing, training drills, video, and metro style game. These weekends were extremely beneficial to the team who rarely spend any time together, let alone time without playing a game.

East Vs. West was also a successful weekend in Dallas for the Revolution.  As an International Cup year, this was earlier than ideal, but a necessary evil.  After the E/W game the coaching panel and selectors selected a squad of 35 to attend the International Cup.  Players were presented at the banquet in Dallas following the East/West All Star Game. A training session was held the following morning with the squad together for the first time.

Coaching staff for 2005 International Cup: 

Head Coach:  Alan Nugent 
Team Manager:  Greg Narleski 
Chairman of Selectors:  Rob Oliver 
Assistant Coach:  Steven Carroll 
Assistant Coach:  Richard Mann 
Video Assistant Coach:  Alan McConnell 
Head trainer:  Steve Budrick 
Physiotherapist:  Craig Hibbert 
Trainer: Tony Lachmond

Congratulations to the following Revolution selectees:
Beilfuss, Bruce: Milwaukee Bombers
Blankenship, Brandon: San Diego Lions
Bradley, Frank: Chicago
Brunmeier, James: Milwaukee Bombers
Brunmeier, Jared: Milwaukee Bombers
Butler, Darrell: St Louis Blues
Carroll, Chris: St Louis Blues
Crist, Ben: Atlanta Kookaburras
Curry, Martin: Orange County Bombers
Dainauski, Matt: Denver Dogs
Ellis, Charlie: Denver Dogs
Ellis, Tom: Denver Dogs
Evon, Earl: Boston Demons
Gambaro, BJ: Atlanta Kookaburras
Jagger, Matt: St Louis Blues
Jones, Dustin: Florida Redbacks
Katstra, Jeff: Boston Demons
Kocka, Dan: St Louis Blues
Lakomy, George: Boston Demons
Lewis, Doug: New York Magpies
Loring, Jon: Philadelphia Hawks
Loring, Josh: Philadelphia Hawks
Lucero, Donnie: Orange County Bombers
Lutostanski, Rob: Phoenix
Mueller, Jay: Phoenix
Nelson Aaron: San Diego Lions
Pope, Brad: Phoenix
Purcell, Jeff: Orange County Bombers
Raisanen, Paul: Milwaukee Bombers
Rinklin, Brad: Boston Demons
Sarbacker, Dan: St Louis Blues
Strenski, Kyle: Cincinnati Dockers
Thurmond, Dave: Orange County Bombers
Vsteska, Dee: Nashville Roos
Walker, David: Nashville Roos


- Alan Nugent

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