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Andrew Ehlers
President of the newly formed Chicago Australian Football Association Club
Your involvement with USFooty?
I am the fullback for the newly formed CAFA (Chicago Australian Football Association) club. Which consists of the two legacy clubs; the Chicago Swans and the Chicago Sharks. I derived from the Legacy Sharks side. Along with my playing responsibilities I was elected the inaugural President of this fine CAFA organization.

How long have you been involved?
I have been involved since 2002. This is my fourth season and I love every minute of it.

What prompted your interest in Australian Rules?
I have always been involved in competitive contact sports. From martial arts to wrestling I have always been keen on learning new sports and being the best person I can be. When I moved to Chicago from Minnesota a family friend’s boyfriend; Jez was President of the Chicago Sharks at the time and they introduced me to the club and ever since then I have had a second family; US FOOTY!

Who are the three people you would choose to be were marooned on a desert island with?
Jenny McCarthy
Amanda Peet
Gandhi—Somebody has to keep the peace!

What frightens you?

My Father, Rich, and Mother, Sue, both still reside in Minnesota. My Father is a High School Principle and from the time I was born has always pointed me in the direction of hard-hitting sports as he played for the St. Louis Bombers Rugby Club when I was a young lad. My Mother is a College Dean of Speech Communications and English. Both my father and mother have their PhD’s. I have one Brother, Rich IV, and he lives in Norfolk, VA. He is a Nuclear Engineer for the Department of Defense. He has a lovely wife, Jen, and she is an Art Therapist for special needs students.

Where in the US do you live and why?
I live in Chicago, IL. I live here because I am in the business world and it’s a great Mecca for Corporations and who’s who in business. In addition to my career there is tons of great social aspects to city life here in Chicago. Some of the things you can do here are: the beach, the Cubs, the Soxs, Da Bears, Chicago Wolves, Da Bulls, Shedd Aquarium, Sailing, the nightlife, comedy clubs (Second City), tons of museums and of course the best attraction “The Chicago Australian Football Association!”

Your greatest achievement?
I have had many successes but one that I most proud of is becoming an Eagle Scout at the age of 12.

Where are you from?
I was born in St. Louis, Go Cards, and then moved to Minnesota in 6th grade.

Last movie you saw? 
I just watched our Team DVD from Nationals last night as mental preparation for playing in the East vs. West All Star Game this weekend in Dallas. You can order your own piece of Chicago Footy history at

Favorite music?
Dave Matthews bad to chill, Sum 41 to get pumped up with and toss up between Al Green & James Taylor for those romantic interludes!

Your idea of a perfect Saturday night?
My perfect Saturday night would be coming off a Footy win for Chicago, having a few or twenty adult beverages with friends & a lady friend (to be named at a later date as the spot is open as of right now) and ending the night with a moonlight sail on my sailboat the lovely Mariah!

Five words to describe Aussie Rules.
Got Game, Get Real, Play Footy!  That is six but no worries I know that majority of us can’t add that high anyway! J/K



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