Live AFL Scores sent to your cell phone

A new SMS scoring service from USFooty allows you to sign up to receive SMS text messages on your cell phone with live scoring information from footy games as they happen.

The initial launch of the service includes the entire AFL season in Australia, including the finals series.  That's over 180 games that you can receive a text message about as soon as each quarter is completed.

How does it work?
It's super simple!  Just sign up for the service by providing your cell phone carrier and phone number and select what games you want to be notified about.  There are a number of notification options available on the sign up screen that allow you to choose how many messages you receive for each game.  Once you have signed up you will receive a text message at the end of each quarter and/or at the end of each game depending on the selections you made.

How much is it?
Notifications from round 3 of the AFL season is free for everyone so that you can see how great it is to get scores after every game or quarter while you're down at the pub on a Friday night!  The remaining 19 rounds and finals series of the AFL season is yours for only $20.  Please note that your carrier may charge you a seperate per message fee for receiving a sms text message.  This is usually around 5 cents per message.

Do I need a special phone?
Usually not.  Your phone needs the ability to receive text messages - most cell phones released in the past 5 years in the US have this ability, however you may need to have sms text messaging enabled on your cell plan.  You can use our test page to send yourself a test message from our service.  If you do not receive it then contact your carrier and ask them about text messaging for your phone.

What carriers do you support?
We currently support the carriers listed below.  If you don't see your carrier please email us to see if we can add it to our list.
- AT&T
- Cingular
- Nextel
- Sprint
- T-Mobile
- Verizon

What other scores can I get?
We are in the process of setting up the ability for subscribers to receive quarter by quarter updates from all the Revolution games as they happen while they are in Australia later this year for the International Cup.


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