A New Position for the Board of the USAFL

The USAFL executive board is delighted to announce that Kathryn Hogg of the Minnesota Freeze/Minnesota Morrigans’ has been unanimously elected to the Board of the USAFL in a newly created position, that of Women’s Portfolio.

This exciting new position has been created with the intention of furthering the development of Women's Australian Football in North America, instituting a women's division in the USAFL Championship series, and establishing international women's football.

Kathryn was delighted to accept the position and looks forward to working with the Board to promote these ideals.  Kathryn first played Aussie Rules in the first women's match in North America at the 2003 Championships in Kansas City but has been a fan of the sport since 1980 when it appeared on ESPN.   In addition to Aussie Rules, she also competes in Ultimate Frisbee, Touch American Football, and Broomball.  She encourages anyone with an interest in women's football to contact her at womens@usfooty.com.

Please join me in welcoming Kathryn to the board.

- Mark Wheeler - USAFL President

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