Major Restructuring of USAFL Administration

Based on the changing needs of the league the Executive board reached a decision in November 2004, to restructure the office manager’s position from full time to part time. Having been offered a full-time position with Pepsi, Andrea has decided this was an opportunity that she could not pass up and will finish up with the league at the end of this month.

“Andrea has been with the league for 3 years and has seen us through some interesting and difficult times. The challenge with a small non-profit, such as USfooty, is the security it offers to those employed in the venture. We respect Andrea’s decision to find a larger and more stable company (Yes, Pepsi has a longer track record than USfooty). I would personally like to thank Andrea for all her time and effort in a thankless job”, said League President Mark Wheeler.
Andrea’s decision forced the USAFL Executive Board to look deeply into our current structure. The decision was made to split the Office Manager position into three separate roles to allow the Board greater control and understanding of the complexity of the Office Manager’s job. The three areas are: Financial Management, USfootyStore operations and Office Administration:


To improve the financial operations of the league we have appointed Tamara Payne to act as a part-time Accountant. Tamara will manage our day-to-day transactions and will report to Andrew Bednall, the new USAFL Treasurer. “ It is imperative that the league develops a robust financial position and this role is the first step in that journey. A sporting organization needs to financial report and analyze all areas of the operations. We must be able to inform our members and corporate partners so we may grow. The board feels Tamara and Andrew will do this ”, said Wheeler.

Tamara is a 1996 graduate from the University of Memphis, Memphis, TN with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.  With work experience that includes four years with Trammell Crow Company; two years as a senior accountant in real estate development, and two years as property accountant in real estate management

Tamara’s part time fits in well with her busy life. Tamara is an Army wife, married 10 years and is a proud mother of two. “ My daughter Emily is 4 years old and my son Ethan is 2 years old.  My daughter and I enjoy equine activities; especially English and Western pleasure events.  Faith and family are very important in my life, and now so is my extended family of Australian Footballers in the USAFL ’, said Tamara.

You can contact Andrew at


We have taken steps to reassess our approach to the USfootyStore. The major reason behind the footy store was to be able to become the ‘One stop shop for all your footy needs in the USA. ’ We believe we have set the base foundations; it is time for the next step. To do that it needed someone that had the knowledge and time to do it, with the restructuring of the administration what was decided upon was to effectively outsource the operations to a third party. Tare Lee Felton will now run the USfootyStore. Tara is a consultant in the Advertising Specialty Industry and will partner with us to grow the store in terms of products offered to both players and clubs.

The footy store web site will remain as is, but it will have lots of facial changes of products over the next six months. The way you place an order will not change, but you will see an enthused amount of interaction from Tara Lee to you and your club about what is happening in the footy store. “I have many ideas on what should be in the store, funk it up a lot, we have many sexy players and partners out there who are very fashion conscious. Time has come to explore other options and really talk to the members on what they want”, said Tara Lee.

Please feel free to contact Tara Lee at with any suggestions, she is very eager to here about the thoughts you may have.


Finally, Julie Upton will take over, the role of Office Manager on a part-time basis. Julie comes to the position of Office Manager with significant experience in sports management and in the sport of Australian Rules football.  Julie is an Australian citizen who, together with her husband, ran a successful sport Promotion/administration Company in Australia for over 18 years, through to 2004.  In that year she and her husband and son Mitchell came to the US.  In addition, her three sons have played Aussie Rules for years.  Her two eldest boys, John and Andrew, play footy with Prahran Football Club in Melbourne. John played with the Cincinnati Dockers in the late 90’s.

According to Mark, “Julie’s principle responsibility this year will be to restructure the office administration so that it is responsive to the needs of the USAFL Clubs and their playing members.  In addition, she will play a role in assisting with the preparation of activities for the forthcoming 2005 National Championships.”

Julie’s perspective on her appointment is “I believe my strong administrative background, long term involvement in sport administration and love of Aussie Rules will stand me in good stead to ensure that the office is run in the most professional manner possible and to be responsive to the needs of all our constituents.” An Australian native, married to a US citizen, Randall, (who is proud to say he too is Australian after living in Australia for the last 24 years). Julie also feels the role of Office Manager is to “ensure that the office is run efficiently and professionally under the direction of the President and Board of Directors and that Clubs, Players, Coaches, 

Julie Upton will be establishing regular office hours for enquiries from club representatives and members, plus putting in place new registration systems for the USAFL. These systems will permit leagues throughout the US to register scores, top scorers, etc on the USAFL web.

With the Office Manager’s position now a part time role, the office will be open the following hours:

Monday  10.00am – 2.00pm CST
Wednesday  10.00am – 2.00pm CST
Friday  10.00am – 2.00pm CST

Office Phone: 262 740 1353
Fax: 262 740 7243
Address: 124 S. Main Street, Delavan WI   53115

The Executive Board is excited about these changes. In this case a potentially negative change has allowed us the opportunity to reassess our strategic approach and we have landed in a positive position that allows the league greater flexibility in dealing with the multitude of challenges that face a growing organization.
I would ask that all clubs and players wish Andrea the best in her new endeavors and welcome the new administrators that will support you in the future.

- Mark Wheeler - USAFL President

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