Showdown III in Dallas

The Annual USAFL All Star Match will be held this year in Dallas, on Saturday the 30th of April.

This has become an important showcase of the talent we have playing in our league and this year should be no exception. Revolution Coach Alan Nugent will use this tournament as a final tune up for the US assault on the International Cup in Melbourne, Australia in August. 35 of our best US born players will have the unique opportunity to represent their country in Football.

The final Squad that will represent the US will be announced at the All Star Banquet Dinner on the Saturday night. The best of the best in the US will be trying to secure their spot in history, so make sure you get in early for your chance to play along side them, or just make you way there to watch everyone try out. This will be a magnificent weekend of high skilled football.

Tom Ellis will coach the West, his second year in the role, and the East will be coached by Robert Oliver, who will be coaching the East for his third year.


The 2004 Showdown saw 2 hard fought matches played at great pace and intensity with the East coming from behind to win it in a thriller.

2005 looks like it will be a Showdown to remember.

As in the first 2 years there will be 2 matches, clubs will be invited to send in nominations for players to take part in these games. Players need to be registered with the USAFL to take part in the All Star Matches, with the 50/50 rule applying in both games.

All nomination information for the weekend is available through the Dallas football club web site, which can be found at  Login information and passwords will be emailed to each club president who will be responsible for their clubs nominations. 

Information regarding hotels, meetings, dinner arrangements and the exciting phase we venture into in 2005 with the televising of USAFL sanctioned games through ASTN will be updated within the next few weeks and be available on the Dallas web site.

USAFL Executive Board

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