Philly Celebrates Australia Day

January 26 is Australia Day, a day designated to celebrate what is great about Australia and being Australian (check out for some more information).


The Philly Hawks are merging with our sponsor McCrossen's Tavern to bring you the best Australia Day celebration in the history of 



See the following advertisement from an authentic Aussie:


“. . . now it has to be SNOWING for you AUSSIES not to show up! Tis Wednesday the 26th JAN around 7 PM, at McCrossen's, 529 North 20th 

Street, downtown -some of you will need a doggybag, but hold on to your Jesus bar, because we have FOSTERS on tap, so it will be worth the trip. 

Pies, rolls, trivia, Aussie music, football - what more could you ask for???? Giddy up on that!


See you all there!

- Webmaster

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