Macquarie University Scholarship Announced

USFooty, Macquarie University, and the Macquarie Kookaburras are excited to announce that the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's James Brunmeier is the winner of the 2005 Macquarie University USAFL Scholarship. 


James plays for the Milwaukee Bombers and is also a member of the Revolution, USFooty's National team.  Off the field, James is a dedicated student with a 3.35 GPA as a senior majoring in German.  By winning this scholarship, the Brunmeier family claims a unique double with Jared Brunmeier winning the 2004 AFL Scholarship to train with Essendon.


According to James, "Initially, I had mixed emotions. I was undeniably happy that I have been given such a great opportunity to play footy in Australia as well as study there. At the same time I was sad because I would be leaving my good friends behind, many of whom will graduate while I am away. The reality that I actually got the scholarship did not set in until a few days after I had talked with USFooty President Mark Wheeler. It suddenly hit me, "I am going to Australia -- in less than three months -- to play footy." I got a rush of adrenaline and just wanted to jump up and run around. My professor would have frowned on that since I was sitting in his chemistry lecture. Needless to say I don't remember anything from that lecture."


Congratulations James!


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