Louisville Footy Club Coming Back

Louisville Footy Club is pleased to present a new practice time for the remainder of the season and for the off-season practices as well.  Chris Parsley, the new coach and one of the founders of the Louisville Footy Club, will hold practices on Tuesdays at 6 PM at Seneca Park in between the first and second softball fields.  Chris is wonderful at explaining the details of the game while allowing time for questions and observation.  Do not worry if you don’t know how to play, we will teach you.  We need new players so that we may contend at the national level next year.  Presently, we have all age ranges and we accept anyone who likes to have fun and play sports.  With experience this year in St. Louis, Nashville, Kansas City, and Cincinnati, our team is poised to continue through the year and onto a healthy season in 2005.  We hope to schedule similar games next season and maybe even some weekend trips.  Our other practice times will be on Sat. mornings at 10 AM at Seneca Park in between the first and second softball fields.


Contact 502-418-2590 for more information.  Ask for Will Sandman.


- Will Sandman

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