Kookaburras Give It Their All Against St. Louis

The Kookaburras finished off their regular season with a tough but hard fought loss at the hands of the MAAFL Champions, the St. Louis Blues.

On the road the Kookas found themselves a little undermanned against a young and full of running Blues team.

Two early goals for the home team meant the Kookas were going to find it a hard task to over run the league leaders and maybe take the MAAFL title themselves.

Brent Bacon slotted through a great banana goal early and the Atlanta team started to find some momentum with another to Bazza Collins on a change of position for him being in the center for this game. A third for the quarter came from Captain Bacon with a long bomb just clearing the pack.

The St. Louis team however had different ideas about the game and their strong backline held together by Jagger and their midfield runners proved very damaging after quarter time as they set up countless attacking positions as the game continued.

In the backline Travis Quigley and rookie Joey Kametz stood tall and with the help of former Nashville star Chad Huie, the Kookas were able to apply plenty of pressure.

The Kookas only winner through the middle of the ground was Bjorn Farrugia and as usual despite his small stature the size of his heart meant he could compete against far bigger opponents and beat them.

In the end the St. Louis team had far too many winners and outplayed the Kookas when it counted. The Kookas were far from disgraced and with several players likely back for the Nationals there is a great chance a turnaround of this result occurring and the Kookas figuring heavily in the final outcome of the Nationals.

“'The guys in the back half were again sensational today and will be the reason we are supremely competitive in Div 1 at the Nationals," Bacon said.

"We have played the best two teams in the country away this year in St. Louis and Milwaukee and only gone down by 20 points each time, I think at home on front of our fans we can turn this around. We are really looking forward to a big Nationals result”.


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