Steel City Boomerang Cup Results

On Saturday the 11th of September under blue skies and a perfect field, the Wallabies hosted the inaugural Steel City Boomerang Cup at St Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  Due to numbers and field size constraints, we were all happy to play a 12-on-12 tournament in a round robin format.  North Carolina Tigers, Philadelphia Hawks, and the Cincinnati Dockers all came into town to claim the trophy.

In short, after the 6 round robin games were played, it was the PITTSBURGH WALLABIES who came away victors to win the trophy!!  It was a fantastic effort by all players, umpires, and support members in a well played tournament played in great spirit!

Congratulations to the Wallabies.  More detailed match reports to follow this email.  Here is a summary of the games and scores:

Game 1 - Pittsburgh Wallabies defeated Philadelphia Hawks, 5-6-36 to 2-3-15
Game 2 - North Carolina Tigers defeated Cincinnati Dockers, 6-3-39 to 4-0-24
Game 3 - Cincinnati Dockers defeated Pittsburgh Wallabies, 6-5-41 to 3-2-20
Game 4 - Philadelphia Hawks drew North Carolina Tigers, 3-4-22 to 3-4-22
Game 5 - Pittsburgh Wallabies defeated North Carolina Tigers, 6-6-42 to 2-1-13
Game 6 - Philadelphia Hawks defeated Cincinnati Dockers, 4-4-28 to 3-5-23


1st - PITTSBURGH WALLABIES:  2 win, 0 draw, 1 loss, 98 for, 69 ag, 142%
2nd - North Carolina Tigers:  1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss, 74 for, 88 ag, 84%
3rd - Philadelphia Hawks:  1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss, 65 for, 81 ag, 80%
4th - Cincinnati Dockers:  1 win, 0 draw, 2 loss, 88 for, 87 ag, 101%

Thanks again to all umpires, Wallabies Social Committee members (Kelly Robinson, Fiona Scerri, Cyndie Guimarra), the Tournament Committee Members (Jeremy Orchard, Paul Scerri, Paul Thompson, Scott Strenski), Kathleen and St Vincent College, and all the supporters who came out on the day, and of course the sponsors who provided funds and donations (including the magnificent trophy) to the tournament.  

Congratulations as well to Lucy Thompson who won the Women's Long Ball contest during the mid-tournament intermission.

- David Ulonska

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