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The USAFL will be heavily promoting Australian Rules Football at the 2004 Australian Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, September 10, 11, & 12, 2004. The Festival is expecting around 15,000 patrons over the Weekend with 75 participating organizations at the event. The USAFL will be directing the First Collegiate Aussie Rules Championship, USFootyKids Clinics, Selling Australian Football Merchandise, and promoting the upcoming 2004 National Championships to be held in Atlanta in October....


The USAFL participation will include:


1.            Directing the first Collegiate National Tournament -


2.            USFootyKids Clinics throughout the Australian Festival including a half time game at the Nashville & Chicago game (kids currently involved in the Nashville Kangaroos USFootyKids Program).


3.         A USFootyKids Handball Target - that will be in the Kids Down Under area that is where most of the clinic kids are signed up from.


4.         A USFooty Promotional Booth that will be selling merchandise (USAFL and Australian Rules Football Products) - and promoting the 2004 USAFL Nationals Championships to be held in Atlanta in October.


USAFL Members - we need your help at this event - ranging from assistance with the College Tournament to manning the USAFL Booth.  With Atlanta being 3 hours up the road - we would like to hand out around 2000 flyers over the course of the weekend promoting the upcoming Nationals - which will include promoting the Aussie Fest to be held in conjunction with the event. This will be a great opportunity for us to continue promoting our great game!


Anyone interested in helping out should contact Denis Ryan, or Peter Beare for further details!


- Mark Wheeler

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