Almost USFooty Legends Association Forming

Have you played Footy in the US?  Are you back in Australia?  If you're a veteran of the fast growing USFooty competition, we'd like to form a Returned USFooty Association to socialize and be a lobby group for our great game in the United States.


It takes an enormous amount of effort on behalf of an extraordinary group of volunteers for clubs not only to grow, but to merely survive in the US.  The volunteers do it all purely for the love of the game and often go unrewarded.  There are many people and organizations in Australia that aren't aware that the USAFL exists.  We need to make sure they know about us, and we need to make sure that the AFL continues to work with us to grow this game worldwide.  By getting together once a month, we can network and lobby the media, corporate world, and others to help the efforts of our mates back in the US, plus reminisce how good we were on the USFooty field!


Drop an email to Jay Mueller, the big former Arizona Hawk and 2002 Revolution ruckman, at if you want to be notified of events, updates and opportunities in USFooty.  Jay is currently in Melbourne working for radio station 3aw.  Let him know where you are and who you played for in the US.


Even though we're not in the US, we can still be part of the greatest game in the US!


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