Kookaburras Target SEAFL Grand Final

The Atlanta Kookaburras will be looking to get their season back on track at this weekend's SEAFL Grand Final after a disappointing loss to Nashville last weekend.

The Kookas have endured a mid-season slump, losing two consecutive games in the Mid America Australian Football League to Milwaukee and Nashville.

This Saturday the club has the chance to make amends as the Kookaburras aim for its fourth consecutive South East Australian Football League premiership against the North Carolina Tigers.

When the two clubs last met, Atlanta recorded its largest ever score and greatest ever winning margin - this weekend however, is expected to be a lot tougher.

"The last two games have been extremely disappointing and our season is really on the line this week," Coach Brent Bacon said.

"Taking our fourth consecutive SEAFL premiership this weekend could really turn our year around. It is vital that we win this week and then bounce back for the last two MAAFL games against
St. Louis and Dallas.

"We also need to improve our form leading into the nationals as well. Our club is hosting the national championships this year and it is important for us to perform well at that competition."

Atlanta struggled in the opening term against Nashville, with only a single goal to Brent Bacon compared to three goals by Nashville.

Throughout the rest of the game,
Nashville was slowly able to increase the margin - their inaccuracy in front of goals helping Atlanta's cause.

The Kookaburras saved their best for last in the final term, scoring three goals, but they were unable to bridge the gap - losing their first home game of 2004.

While the Nashville game proved to be a major disappointment, the weekend had a positive angle with the Kookaburras taking part in a major demonstration at half time of the Atlanta Silverbacks soccer game at DeKalb Memorial Stadium.

Thirteen Kookburras took the field for a ten minute demonstration match, treating the crowd to some dramatic high marking and fierce body contact - action they normally don't see at a soccer match.

Star rover Bjorn Farrugia proved equally as talented behind the microphone as he is on the filed - acting as a commentator for the crowd during the game.

Congratulations to Chris "Banjo" Herberlein for arranging this excellent promotion for the club.


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