Looking For Nationals Sponsors

The USAFL and the Atlanta Kookaburras would like to extend the opportunity for your club’s sponsors to be a part of the 2004 Nationals in Atlanta.


This will allow them an extra opportunity for great exposure over the next two months leading up to the big event and throughout the weekend.


Below are details of the $500 package that all clubs can sell to their sponsors. In return 50% of the income will be returned to your club after the event. So it’s an excellent way to get publicity for your sponsor and for you to raise revenue.


If you are interested in bringing in a sponsor please contact Scott Hunt at the USAFL





Wayne Kraska at the Kookas



A full sponsorship package can be obtained from either source that details all sponsorship levels available.


Nationals Championships Event Sponsor                 $500

Nationals website logo & link

Space for 1 – 10x 3ft banner on main arena

Sponsorship listing add in program

2 seats in corporate area

Free promotional booth space in vendor area

Minimum 5 PA announcements of Event sponsors each day


- Scott Hunt

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