AFANA Wants Your Grand Final Party Announcement

Fellow Footy Fan,

Again this year, AFANA has a Grand Final Party Page at our web site and as we do annually, we will be publishing the list of parties in our e-mail newsletter on TV coverage of Aussie rules football (which reaches fans all across the US and Canada).

If you are planning a party in 2004 please send the particulars to AFANA. Our e-mail address is: and we would be happy to post them at: Please include the party location, starting time (of the party not the GF!), contact information, directions, any admission charges or requirements, and other information that might help others to join your event. Text only announcements are preferred. (HTML will be edited and only used on our web site.)

The 2004 Grand Final Party page is:

If you need information on TV coverage of this year's Grand Final let us know and we'll fill you in on the latest details. For the latest issue of our TV update do the following: send a blank e-mail (no message or body needed) to: (html version) (text version)

New issues are usually out on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Subscriptions are provided without charge.

Thanks for your time.


Your fellow fans at AFANA


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