Kookaburras Kick Record Score Against NC

The Atlanta Kookaburras dramatic winning season continued against North Carolina last weekend with a record breaking performance at Creel Park.

Atlanta's 154 point total (24 goals - 10 points) was the highest ever score in the history of the club and the 136 point winning margin was also the largest ever by the Kookaburras.

The Kookaburras began solidly in the opening quarter,
Justin Biggs proving dangerous at full forward. Biggs kicked the first two of eight goals for the day with Wayne Kraska and David Croft also scoring in the opening 20 minutes.

While the Tigers trailed by only 18 points at 1/4 time, it began raining goals for
Atlanta in the second quarter.

The Kookaburras slammed home nine goals with Biggs leading the attack with five. Thad Sheffield and Pete Eckman also made it onto the scoreboard with goals while David Sullivan celebrated his return to action, picking up kicks around the ground and kicking two goals.

The 76-point margin put the game beyond doubt at half-time but
Atlanta did not take its foot off the gas. The Kookaburras slammed home six more goals in the third quarter with Matty Chapman scoring his first ever goal for the club and Barry Collins putting the nail in the coffin with an inspirational goal on the siren.

Having just failed to record a 100-point winning margin in several previous games this year, the Kookas were 110 points ahead at 3/4 time - but more was yet to come.

With the victory beyond doubt, Coach Brent Bacon switched the side around for the final term but the Atlanta steam-roller kept marching on.

The Kookas kicked another five goals with Nathan Jones scoring his first goals of the year after switching from defense.

The win by
Atlanta was even more impressive considering the fact they were missing key players Bacon, Ben Crist, Bjorn Farrugia, Andy Beh and Travis Quigley.

"This was one of the most impressive performances in the history of the club," coach Bacon said.

"Each quarter we started as if the scores were level and just worked very hard. This was a total team effort in very hot conditions.

"We had the shortest full-forward in history in
Justin Biggs and he came up and kicked eight goals - just a fantastic performance.

"It was also great to see David Sullivan make his debut for the year.’Sully' is one of the most talented players we have and he really had a great impact on the game.

"One of the other pleasing aspects of the game was the form of some of our American-born players. Matty Chapman scored his first ever goal for the club and Joey Kametz was just outstanding.

"He hadn't even seen the game a few weeks ago, but his performance today was just brilliant.

"Our defense was great, the forward line worked exceptionally well and everyone rotated through the bench well."

Atlanta faces one of its toughest challenges of the year in two weeks against Milwaukee in Wisconsin - a key game in the Kookaburras's 2004 MAAFL season.

"We have had some great wins this year, but the next game is going to be crucial for our year," Bacon said.

"We expect to win the home games, but victory against tough opposition away from home is really what can make the difference for our year."


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