Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs at Invesco Field

The Colorado Rapids played the L.A. Galaxy on July 14th, 2004 but the Denver Bulldogs did all the scoring. The Bulldogs took to the field for the quickest footy game ever played in the USA in front of a crowd of 13,050 at Invesco Field. With Paul Renouf announcing the action from the press box, the Dogs received the best reaction from the crowd for the night. The biggest reation was when full forward Benny Harling tried to take a screamer off the top shoulders of Erik Martin. Denver played 11 a side on a small field with only minutes to play, but every player got a look. Charley Ellis getting a bounce. Sasha Sibree getting a tackle. Jedi will be credited with the first ever official Aussie Rules Goal at Invesco Field (and a behind).  The first clash of 2 big Ruckmen going in hard. Some of the fans in the crowd could be heard saying, "Oh yea, now we get to see some action", “That had to hurt”, and "We have to go see a game of this".  This also was the first time a USFooty team has been featured on the JUMBO TRON. All in all it was a great night, and the Denver Bulldogs have been asked back for future dates. Perhaps we might get in a full game before or after the Rapids.

Pictures will be posted soon.   

- Tom Ellis, Denver Bulldogs Pre

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