Nationals Eligibility Guidelines Announced

In the past, USFooty has made every effort to ensure player eligibility is verified for Nationals competition.  The current structure put the responsibility on each player to validate their participation in conjunction with the USAFL.  With the growth of the game and sheer number of teams, games, and players, USFooty has been forced to re-evaluate the player eligibility verification process.  It will now be up to the respective clubs and leagues to ensure the proper documentation of players is accomplished.  An email went out to all club presidents with an excel spreadsheet and a team sheet attached which each club can record each player’s games as well as the level of participation of each player on the spreadsheet.  It will be each club’s responsibility to maintain the spreadsheet throughout the year.  Additionally, a USAFL team sheet for each game played must be faxed to the USFooty Office (scanned and emailed team sheets are acceptable) at 301.668.4897.  USFooty understands that there have been a substantial number of matches played already this year and that to bring all clubs up to date will require a significant effort from each club.  However, your cooperation in this matter will be an enormous benefit to all participants in the USAFL.  All spreadsheets must be submitted to the USAFL office via after they have been completed and are due by the deadline of the 10th of September 2004.  If you need a copy of the spreadsheet and team sheet sent to you, please email Andrea at  


It is each club’s responsibility to ensure that all players register on and accumulate sufficient game points to be eligible participants in the 2004 USAFL National Tournament.


In addition to registration, each player is required to have accrued 3 game points by Friday, September 10, 2004.  Game points are as follows:


Metro/Exhibition Matches = .5 game point

*USAFL Sanctioned Match = 1 game point


*A USAFL Sanctioned match is any match played in senior league or regional competition such as the NEAFL or Western Region Tournament Series.


Players not registered on can be challenged as a non-registered and thus, ineligible in USAFL sanctioned matches.


Any request to waive or approve a non-qualifying player must be made to the USAFL Board of Directors in writing by Wednesday, September 1, 2004 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time.  Email each request separately along with supporting documentation to the USAFL Office Manager at  Requests received after this deadline will not be considered.


Please contact your regional USAFL Vice President if you have any questions.

- USAFL Board

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