Where Few Dare...

On Saturday the 10th of April USFooty Kids National Coordinator, Denis Ryan, went where few dare to go...a four year old's birthday party!  My wife thought that Denis would be better than a clown, so we asked Denis to do a little clinic for my son's friends and nursery school class mates and their parents.  We hired an indoor soccer field and had footy/dinosaur themed 4 year old birthday party. 

We were some what apprehensive about the party.  I don't know how familiar you are with 4 year olds, but their skills aren't the best and the whole idea of someone else winning is absolutely abhorrent to them. Admittedly some tears were shed but overall the kids and (more importantly) the parents had a blast.  Denis took us all through some warm up games like "tame dog" and then we did some kicking and ball handling drills.  The clinic ended with a modified game - just throwing the ball, which meticulously ended in a tie.

My son had a fantastic party and he told me that "Denis is a great teacher".

Thanks Denis.  We are already looking forward to the 5 year old birthday party!

- Chris Adams, USAFL Treasurer

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