Dallas ARFC Gains Tax-Exempt Status

Most organizations aren’t eager to hear from the Internal Revenue Service during the height of tax season. But for the Dallas Magpies Australian Rules Football Club, the recent notice from the IRS brought good news.


This month, the IRS granted the Magpies ARFC tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)3 of the tax code, meaning the organization qualifies as a charitable organization eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.


Dedicated to fostering national and international amateur sports competition as well as promoting a cultural exchange between Americans and Australians, the Magpies participate in the Mid American Australian Football League, a division of the United States Australian Football League, and also have a player, Brandon Blankenship, who competes on the U.S. National team in international competition. The team is also active in promoting the Australian national sport and Australian culture through clinics at area schools and by sponsoring events such as the annual Australia Day and ANZAC Day celebrations in the Metroplex.


By enabling the organization to accept tax-deductible contributions, official designation from the IRS as a charitable organization will help the club to continue to fulfill its mission, said club Treasurer Chris Emerson, who lead the organization’s efforts to gain charitable status.


“This is a fantastic step for us because it will give us additional resources to help us remain active in the community and share a great game and a great culture with more people throughout the Metroplex,” Emerson said.


By gaining tax-exempt status, the Magpies join Australian Football organizations around the country, including fellow MAAFL members Nashville and Atlanta as well as the USAFL, with the distinction.


The growing number of charitable organizations reflects the growth of Australian Rules Football, commonly known as “footy,” in the United States. The USAFL now has more than 41 clubs across the country that compete in the sport.


For more details on playing or supporting the Dallas Magpies Australian Football Club, visit www.dallasfooty.com or e-mail the recruiting department (recruiting@dallasfooty.com).


- Stuart Rackham

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