East vs. West Coaches Appointed

The coaches for the second annual East/West game, in Atlanta on June 12, have been appointed.  Rob Oliver from the New York Magpies will coach the East Coast for the second time.  Tom Ellis from the Denver Bulldogs will coach the West Coast team.  Congratulations to both coaches.


Prior to the East/West game, there will be an All American game for any player who wants to trial for the Revolution squad.  The Revolution coaching panel will watch any American player that is prepared to travel.


All clubs are reminded that nominations for players close April 12.   The president or coach of each USAFL club can nominate players by clicking here.  Nominations for the East/West game are limited to 6 players per club.  After April 12 the sides containing 12 Australians and 12 Americans will be announced. There are no restrictions on nominations for American players and those Americans that are not selected in the East/West game will play in the All American game.  If you want to play you must nominate by April 12, to enable the coaches an opportunity to select a side for the East/West game and to confirm numbers for the All American game.

- Alan Nugent - Revolution Coach

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