National Tournament Announcement

The USAFL, in conjunction with the Atlanta Kookaburras, wish to announce a change of the published location for the 2004 United States Australian Rules Football Championships.  Due to unforeseen circumstances the event will now be hosted by the Atlanta Kookaburras and will take place on the 9th & 10th of October 2004.


The Milwaukee Bombers informed the league in early January that they felt the grounds they were trying to secure for the tournament wouldn't be up to the level that was needed to showcase the event, and felt with Atlanta's magnificent grounds being available, it would be best for footy to renounce their bid.


The USAFL are excited about the event being in Atlanta where the game can be showcased to a huge local market and with facilities, including fields all at the same location that allow for the very best opportunity to witness our great game of Aussie Rules footy at its highest level in the USA.


Many details will follow in the weeks and months ahead as we build towards the best National Championships seen so far.  Please join with us and thank the Milwaukee Bombers and now the Atlanta Kookaburras for raising the bar for the planning, preparation, and organization for the USAFL National Championships.


- Mark Wheeler, USAFL President

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