Alan Nugent Appointed Revolution Coach

The USAFL Executive Board would like to announce that Alan Nugent from the Boston Demons has been appointed as the Revolution Coach. The Revolution is the United States Australian Football National team. This new appointment has been prompted by the resignation of current head coach Scott Nicholas. Scott Nicholas informed the board that he could not commit his time to the level required to continue as coach, because of work and family commitments. He thought for the good of the game he should step down and transition his role to Alan. Scott has continued to show his dedication to the growth of the Revolution, and we hope that he will continue to show his passion for the game within the US as a dedicated volunteer and supporter of the USAFL. 

Alan Nugent has been asked to make the step from assistant coach to head coach. Alan has been an Assistant since 2002 when he was part of the USAFL’s contingent to the International Cup in Melbourne, Australia. The board is confident he can continue to build the Revolution team. Alan has the responsibility of building the Revolution program to developing our young American players and leading the team back to Melbourne in 2005.  Please join with the Board and wish Alan and Scott all the best. 

- Mark Wheeler, USAFL President

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