2003 National Tournament DVDs

Once again the USAFL was fortunate to have Russ Hadley with Third Eye Productions out at the 2003 National Tournament filming the games.  We were also privileged to have Rod "Grilla" Grljusich calling the games throughout the weekend.  The combination of the two has given us a spectacular DVD set that will be offered at an introductory price to all of the clubs.  The DVD set is a 2 disk set and is set up a little bit different from last year's DVD.  The first disk is a men and women's highlight, and the second disk is the second half of all three division championship games and the second half of the women's game.


The introductory price for the DVDs will be $45 with a minimum order of 8 DVD sets per order.  The shipping will be included in the price of the order and will be shipped to the club for distribution.


A tremendous amount of time is put into the filming and editing of these DVDs.  We are extremely grateful to Russ and his crew for all of their time and effort that they put forth to our great game.  We would also like to thank John McCone of Substation K Editorial for the vast amount of time he has spent editing the filming of the games for these great DVD sets.  Please help to pay back a fraction of the cost to Russ and his crew by purchasing the DVDs in record numbers.  The DVDs are even better than they were in 2002!


All orders can be placed by emailing the USAFL office at officemanager@usfooty.com.  Payment can be made by check or credit card.  The introductory pricing will be good through the 10th of February, and the DVDs are ready right now. 



- Andrea Caesar

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