Aussies too good for Revolution

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EVENT: U.S. Revolution vs. Balmain Tigers

DATE: Sunday, Sept. 28, 2003

PLACE: Miller Field, Staten Island, N.Y.

SCORE: Balmain Tigers 14.10. 94 def. U.S. Revolution 10.4. 64


The Caltex/Mayfair Balmain Tigers held off a brave US National Revolution team to record a 30 point victory in the first ever clash in between sides from the respective countries. The superior skills and game sense of the Tigers proved to be too much of an obstacle for the determined, but inexperienced Revolution.


Played in wet and rainy conditions, the game was played at a higher standard than the circumstances would have suggested. Although the five goal victory suggests an easy win for the Tigers, this was not the case as they managed to win every quarter by a goal or two to slowly build their lead. Balmain are celebrating their centenary year, while the Revolution are in their fifth. It was this difference in experience that was to be the telling factor. Certainly, the Revos could not be faultered for their enthusiasm.


Earlier in the day, the Revolution B side took on the local New York Magpies in what was a closely fought encounter. The lead changed many times with the Magpies looking to have a secure 8 point lead with only minutes to go. However a goal to the Revolution, followed by two behinds saw the game end in a nail-biting draw as the final siren sounded.


All in all, it was a great learning experience for the Revolution and the future bodes well for them for next years Altantic Alliance Cup in Toronto and the 2nd International Cup in Melbourne, Australia, in 2005.


photo courtesy of Louisa M. Kirby



US REVOLUTION         2.3. 15       4.3. 27        8.4. 52     10.4. 64

BALMAIN                     4.3. 27       9.5. 59       12.8. 78    14.10. 94

Balmain: Millar 3, Keenan 2, Garvey 2, Williams, Sadler, Dunn, Dwyer, Atkinson, Carey, D.Carle
U.S. Revolution: Pope 4, Lakomy, Kalhovd, Purcell, Starbacker, Loring, Lucero

Balmain: Carey, Cooney, Garvey, Keenan, Williams, Millar
U.S. Revolution: Blankenship, Pope, Starbuck, Brunmeier, Thurmond



Denis Ryan

USAFL Revolution Manager

- Denis Ryan

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