Blues and Roos Showcase

The St. Louis Blues and the Nashville Kangaroos are set to meet on Saturday September 13, 2003 in what will be the most publicized and followed game in MAAFL League history. The game, due to early season rescheduling, is set to be showcased at the 2003 Australian Festival and will be played at the peak of the festival attendance on Saturday afternoon. An estimated 5000 people are expected on Saturday, many who will witness Australian Rules Football for the first time. To boot, we also plan to have a USFootyKids demonstration at half time of the big game which will be lead by USFootyKids National Director, Denis Ryan.


Adding to the drama and exposure of the game rests the actual outcome of  the Mid American Australian Football League Championship. The Blues have taken all before them to date and are one win off a perfect season and their first MAAFL Championship. The Roos have been on the rebuilding trail in 2003 but will certainly benefit from some late blossoming of their college players. A big win for the Roos and the MAAFL Trophy will be heading to Dallas.


With the local interest of the Australian Festival at an all-time high in Nashville, the Blues & Roos game is also being well received by the Nashville Press - including a Channel 5 appearance by the Roos this Wednesday on Sportsline (a popular talk and call in sports show). This segment will be 30 minutes including AFL & Kangaroos video footage which will hopefully grab the interest of the Nashville sports fan.


To cap off this great showcase - BeareWare will be providing a audio cast of the entire game off the Nashville Kangaroos Web Site - which will be a delayed live recording of the game and final presentation. The audio cast will commence at 3:00 p.m. CST. so if you can't make it to Nashville join us through this audio cast.


To get caught up in the excitement and hype of this great showcase of our great game please check out the new MAAFL Promotional Videos: DSL/Cable - 56K/Dial Up

- Peter Beare

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