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- Womens Footy at the Nationals

The Orange County Bombshells, the USAFLs first official womens team, has issued a challenge to  the women of USFooty to stage a match at this years Nationals in Kansas City. To be played on Sunday before the divisional Grand Finals, the match will see the Bombshells take on an Allcomers team to be played under the newly formed USFooty Rules. The new rules have been designed to introduce our great game to schools and co-ed sports and social clubs.


With varying modifications applied to cater for differences in age and development, USFooty Rules have been designed to allow more people to participate in a game of footy without the fear of being taken out or flattened in a tackle. It is also a great learning tool for the game as players  are given more time and freedom to learn the more intricate parts of the game, i.e, kicking, handballing and marking. This allows for quicker skill and confidence development


The game will be played as a 9-a-side, no deliberate contact version of the game. The basic rule change for the Womens game at this years Nationals is that tackling will not be allowed and the ball may only be raked or knocked out of an opponents hands. Light shoulder to shoulder bumping will be permitted, but shirtfronts or vigorous bumping will not be allowed. The emphasis will be on the fun of participation and it is hoped that this will be a pre-cursor to more womens and co-ed games of USFooty Rules in colleges, high schools and co-ed sports leagues. It is also hoped that this version of the game will spin off to become the official version of womens footy, in a similar vein to womens lacrosse being a different version of the game to mens lacrosse.


The Orange County Bombshells have been practicing for a few weeks now and have the numbers to fill out a team in their own right.  The Allcomers team will  be coached by Revolution Assistant Coach, Denis Ryan. Any females interested in playing for the Allcomers should contact Denis on usfootykids@usfooty.com

- Denis Ryan

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