Assist Chad Perkins

Dear Footy Fan:


Thank you for taking a moment to read this letter and considering helping out American Revolution player Chad Perkins with his medical bills. And thank you to the USAFL for allowing the use of its website to make this plea.

On August 2nd, while playing for the US National footy squad against Canada, Chad suffered a fractured C5 vertebra in his neck. Fortunately, the injury poses neither a life-threatening situation, nor a crippling one. It does, however, pose a very expensive situation. Even though accidents like this one are extremely rare in Australian Footy, all players - Chad included - accept accidental injury as one of the hazards... It is, indeed, lucky that no permanent damage is expected, but that does not help pay the medical billsand Chad has plenty of them.


He has been in the Saint Lukes Hospital in Kansas City and has had the first surgery, now follows extensive physical therapy. All told, it is reasonable to expect that Chads medical bills will run into the tens of thousands of dollars. As like so many Americans, he is without adequate health insurance to cover these costs, and faces the daunting prospect of dealing with enormous debt when all he should be facing is his own physical recovery. We are asking you to consider making a donation to help defray Chads medical expenses. Donations should be made by check, made out to the Kansas City Power Football Club, with Chad Perkins printed on the memo portion. The Power will be establishing a separate bank account for Chad to use solely to pay medical bills, and the Power will be depositing the checks in this account. Contributions may be mailed to Treasurer at 8137 Perry Street Unit 58 Overland Park, Kansas 66204.


Please be aware, as this is fully separate and apart from the USAFL, it is important to note that donations are not tax deductible.


Thank for considering this request, and thank you in advance for your financial assistance. 

Sincerely, Dan Vacanti/ Ray Mabry.

President KC Power

- Dan Vacanti/Ray Mabry

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