USFooty Newsletter July 2003

Great Start for USFooty Kids

Baseball and soccer clinics have practically become a staple of childhood activities in Montgomery County, but an Aussie native is introducing a less traditional pastime. Nine children, ages 8 to 12, are trying their hands and feet at a different sport: Australian Rules Football. Or footy, as it's called. The Upper Montgomery County YMCA offered a five-week after-school program at Lake Seneca Elementary School this spring to give children a chance to learn a new sport while building teamwork and good sportsmanship skills. The kids liked the program so much that the YMCA has decided to offer mini-camps in footy during the summer and more after-school programs in the fall. For the rest of the article, click here.

East Beats West!

Both teams' line-ups were made up of Aussies who had played at very high levels back home and Revolution veterans and hopefuls. The first quarter ended with the East well on top and clearly dominating the middle taps. Shortly into the second quarter it looked as if the West were going to make a run but after a couple of quick goals the day was pretty much over for the boys. In the end, the East was far too strong and fresh for the West. Congratulations to Coach Robert Oliver (New York) and Captain Alan Nugent (Boston) for winning the inaugural, East-West Cup. For more on the weekend, click here.

Orange County Bombers Win CAFL!

In a physical, well-played, highly skilled match, the Orange County Bombers topped the San Diego Lions to win their second premiership. The win broke the Lions four-year stranglehold on the trophy. Orange County's playing coach, Mark "Disco" Seccull led his charges with 7 goals in a score of 13.7.85 to 10.9.69. For more go to

Interested in Playing AFL Live on Playstation?

Acclaim, makers of AFL Live 03, is currently doing a survey to see what interest there is in the US for playing AFL Live. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey by clicking here.

Nashville hosts 7th Annual Australian Festival

For the past 6 years, the Nashville Kangaroos have been bringing a little bit of the Land Down Under to Nashville. This year, the Nashville Kangaroos are back with their 7th Annual festival celebrating Australia. Once again, on a September weekend (Sat & Sun 13th & 14th September), Elmington Park on West End will become Nashville's own piece of Australia as the Kangaroos host to 2003 Australian Festival. For the rest of the story, click here.

100 games in the USAFL

Josh Dunnlined up for the Chicago Swans in what was his 100th USAFL game of Aussie Rules, becoming one of the first Americans to do so. Josh started playing back in 1998 with his Australian brother in-law, Rod Berryfor the "Chicago Mob". For more, click here.

Fundraising Ideas

Clubs that have NASCAR in their area and are looking to put some money in the bank can look no further. Check out to learn more. This is a great way for clubs finding it hard to get sponsorship money get some money for their club! Also for those finding it hard to get guys to travel, this is a way to raise the travel money as long as they commit to the weekend.

Upcoming Events

USA vs. Canada - Pittsburgh, PA - August 2 - 3, 2003

USAFL National Championships - Kansas City, MO - October 10 12, 2003

Modells For Sporting Goods

Check out Modells Sporting Goods for all your sporting needs. But dont forget the FootyStore for your footballs and other footy accessories.

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