2003 Macquarie University Scholarship Winner

This experience in Australia has really been the time of my life. All the Americans that I spoke with at Macquarie had similar feelings about their expeiences (just as study abroad students), but I feel that my scholarship allowed for a fuller exposure to Australian culture. Not only did my understanding of the game and my skills improve more quickly than could have been possible in the US, but I formed many close friendships with guys I would have never, otherwise, met.

Aside from my incredible experience with the club and the game, I also found Macquarie University to be a wonderful place to study. The International Office at Macquarie was very effecient and helpful with everything I needed. I also enjoyed the classes that I took and my interaction with Australian students. The opportunity to pursue an internship also helped to tie my football and scholastic pursuits.

As I have felt all along, I believe that I won the lottery by receiving this opportunity. I hope that this scholarship is continued in the future so that others can have similar experiences. I am willing to assist the USAFL and MUAFC in any possible way in the future with this scholarship program or other projects.

- Tim Weir  

Tim's diary can be read at http://www.muafc.com/seppo.

- Tim Weir

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