USFooty Newsletter June 2003

Fox Sports World Commercial!
With the final stages of the 2003 season's planning for the USAFL coming together, this year notches up a new era within the USAFL. We will be airing our own commercial featuring our players and game images on Fox Sports World during the AFL telecast. The commercial is the work of director Russ Hadley and Third Eye Productions of Kansas City, who filmed the 2002 USAFL Nationals. The airing of this commercial was made possible by the support and sponsorship of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, who currently has Tim Weir studying and playing football with the Kookaburras. Each year Macquarie will offer a USA player, from the USAFL, the opportunity to study abroad and pick up valuable experience playing football with the local school team. Tim will be keeping us up to date on his adventures with a weekly diary.


East vs. West All Star Tournament

The USAFL has announced that the inaugural East vs. West All Star Weekend has changed dates to June 20, 21 and 22 in Orange County, CA.  The change of date has come about due to that weekend being the least conflicting with USAFL teams existing schedules and will coincide with the CAFL Grand Final.  A coaching course has also been added to the weekend and with the recent cancellation of the ARAFURA Games and U/23 Revolution trip, this makes the East vs. West All Star game one of the highlights of the USAFL year, second only to the Nationals.  As this is the only official selection weekend for this years Revolution team, all current and prospective players are expected to attend.  Continued.


Denver on Top Again in KC

For the fifth year in a row, the Denver Bulldogs blew into town and blew away the competition at the annual Kansas City Spring Classic. Although battled hard by Kansas City and St. Louis, the stylish boys from Denver had too much speed and creativity and showed why they were by far and away the best team in the USA in 2002.

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North American All-Star Classic

On July 12 a team comprised of Ontario Australian Football League (OAFL) All Stars will be hosting the American All Stars representing Lake Michigan Australian Football League (LMAFL) and the Australian All Stars representing the Mid American Australian Football League (MAAFL).  For more information click here.


Nationals Tapes and DVDS Now Available!

At long last, the feature length films (on DVD and VHS) of the 2002 COOPERS USAFL Grand Finals will be available at the USFOOTYSTORE.COM.  As an extra bonus, there is an exciting 4 minutes Nationals Highlight film included with each game at no extra charge so that you can use this to promote your club and the U.S. game in your area.  Youll see all the exciting action from three different camera angles, youll hear the live sounds from the game, youll the score updated after goals, and youll be enjoying for years to come all the spekkies, all the hits, all the great goals and much much more.  This is truly a keepsake for years to come to tell the kids how good you were, and that you were a part of a history making moment for the USAFL!  For more information check out this week.


Huskie Footy

University of Washington Footy Club coverage in The Daily:  Almost everything about Aussie-rules football is big. The playing pitch is more than 140 yards long and can be as long as 200 yards. Thirty-six players 18 per side play at once. Kicks of 50-plus yards are commonplace. In fact, it seems the only things that arent big are the tight shorts and jerseys the players squeeze into before taking the field.  Aussie-rules football is a quirky game. Its more aerial than rugby, more physical than soccer and more fast-paced than American football. Its rules are unique, combining elements of many major sports.  You play 20-minute quarters, and youre running a lot, said Rudy Evans, a senior who recently played in his first match.  For more


Upcoming Events

East vs. West, Orange County, CA, June 20-22, 2003

USA vs. Canada, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2 3, 2003

USAFL National Championships, Kansas City, MO, October 10 12, 2003


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