North American All-Star Classic

Teams - LMAFL Americans, MAAFL Australians, OAFL Canadians

Date - July 12, 2003

Location - Toronto, Canada


On July 12 a team comprised of Ontario Australian Football League (OAFL) All Stars will be hosting the American All Stars representing Lake Michigan Australian Football League (LMAFL) and the Australian All Stars representing the Mid American Australian Football League (MAAFL).


The American All Star Team will be comprised of eight players from each of the following LMAFL teams:  The Chicago Sharks, the Chicago Swans and The Milwaukee Bombers.  These players will be selected through a nomination process via each respective teams head coach.  These nominations will be based on competitive ability and on ability to travel to Toronto.  These lists should be submitted to Paul Raisanen ( by June 3, 2003.


The Australian All Star Team will be represented as well.  This team will be comprised of a total of twenty-four players from the following MAAFL teams:  The Chicago Swans, the Cincinnati Dockers, the Dallas Magpies, the Kansas City Power, the Nashville Kangaroos, Atlanta Kookaburras and the St. Louis Blues.  Player coordination for the Australian team will also be coordinated through Paul Raisanen.


Additional information in regards to flights, housing, and game specifics will be following shortly.

- Paul O'Keeffe

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