Nationals Grand Finals DVD/Videos

At long last, the feature length films (on DVD and VHS) of the 2002  COOPERS  USAFL Grand Finals are available at the USFOOTY store at USFOOTYSTORE.COM.  As an extra bonus, there is an exciting 4 minutes Nationals Highlight film included with each game at no extra charge so that you can use this to promote your club and the U.S. game in your area.

Youll see all the exciting action from three different camera angles, youll hear the live sounds from the game, youll the score updated after goals, and youll be enjoying for years to come all the spekkies, all the hits, all the great goals and much much more.  This is truly a keepsake for years to come to tell the kids how good you were, and that you were a part of a history making moment for the USAFL! 

We are asking all clubs who are ordering to order a minimum of at least 5 DVDs and 2 VHSs.  Ideally, to get our production company even a fraction of their costs back, each club would order at least double the minimum. These films are copyrighted and should not be copied!  In the interest of fairness, we would ask clubs to try and discourage that practice.

If we dont get Third Eye Productions a decent payback for the tens of thousands they spent providing us with these spectacular films, we wont be able to have them for the 2003 Finals and that would be a great loss.  Everyone should know that this years finals will be available much more quickly with the lessons learned from the 2002 project.  A matter of weeks, not months. 



They are at a very reasonable price, which teams can mark up a little and use to generate funds for your club.


The highlights feature the best of and is a great way to promote the game!  You will be excited and thrilled at the footage, which will easily entice others to play or support your club.    


I feel every club could buy a set of highlights and use them for promotion, prizes, and send outs to potential sponsors.  A small expense that showcases the football here in the states, which features our own players. 


The videos completed are as follows:

- Division 1 Championship - Denver vs. San Diego + Highlight Video.
- Division 2 Championship - Orange County vs. Santa Cruz + Highlight Video
- Division 3 Championship - Milwaukee vs. Philadelphia + Highlight Video
- Highlight Video (Now Includes Awards Ceremony footage)


Championship Game + Highlight Video - $35.00 DVD - $25.00 VHS
Highlight Video - $20.00 DVD - $15.00 VHS


These will be available through the USFooty store for sale, with a minimum of 5 DVDs and 2 VHS per club order.Please contact Andrea for a special discount price if purchasing more than 10 DVDs.

- Office Manager

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