East vs West clash

The USAFL has announced that the inaugural East vs. West All Star Weekend has changed dates to June 20, 21 and 22 in Orange County, CA. The change of date has come about due to that weekend being the least conflicting with USAFL teams existing schedules and will coincide with the CAFL Grand Final.

A coaching course has also been added to the weekend and with the recent cancellation of the ARAFURA Games and U/23 Revolution trip, this makes the East vs. West All Star game one of the highlights of the USAFL year, second only to the Nationals. As this is the only official selection weekend for this years Revolution team, all current and prospective players are expected to attend.

The East vs. West All Star weekend is a 50/50 concept where the best Australians in the land will line up with their American counterparts to represent their geographical zone in an All Star format. There will be two East vs. West games and the CAFL Grand Final, all played on Saturday, June 21. Prospective Revolution players that play in the CAFL Grand Final will not be expected to double up in games (as the Revolution selection committee will be watching them play in the CAFL Grand Final anyway).

The coaching course will run over the weekend with a three hour session on Friday night (start 7pm), three hours on Saturday morning and a final four hour session on Sunday morning, finishing at 12pm. All prospective Revolution players will be expected to attend the coaching course.

To register for the weekend, both as a player and attendee at the coaching course, please email either usfooty2003@yahoo.com or coachingdirector@usfooty.com

Respective East and West jumpers will also be available for purchase and are on sale now at www.usfootystore.com for the special pre-weekend price of $45.00. These are sure to become a collectors item as both the USAFL and the East vs. West All Star Weekend grow over the coming years. There will only be 50 jumpers of each team, numbered from 1 to 50 and purchasing your jumper now is the only way to ensure you will get your number of choice, as they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

This is going to be a huge weekend for all involved in USFooty so book your ticket and purchase your jumper now! For those flying in, the ground is within close proximity to LAX, Long Beach and Orange County airports. Details on coaches, hotels and ground location to follow in further bulletins.

East Jumper

West Jumper

Available Jumpers:

M (100cm) - #'s - 1, 2, 26, 27

L (105cm) - #'s - 3 - 11, 28 - 36

XL (110cm) - #'s - 12 - 20, 37- 45

XXL (115cm) - #'s - 21 - 24, 46 - 49

XXL (120cm) - #'s - 25 & 50

Purchase your jumper and favorite number now! Only $45.00 at www.usfootystore.com. See side table for sizes and corresponding numbers.

NOTE: Selected players will have first right of refusal on purchasing their jumper. If a selected player chooses not to buy his jumper then it will be made available to the public on a first come, first served basis.

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