American Revolution Management Staff

US Footy is seeking to fill two important management positions for the American Revolution: Team Manager and Head Coach. The Revolution is the National team of the United States Australian Football League (USAFL). The USAFL is focused on building the National team over the next three years with the aim of competing in the 2005 International Cup.


These are volunteer positions and will be appointed to run though the end of 2005.  They will be required to pay the same proportion of costs as the players.  


The USAFL will aim to fill both positions simultaneously in order to have the key staff in place to prepare for the International Match against Canada in August of 2003.  If you have any questions regarding the hiring process for either position please contact Mark Wheeler at


All applicants for either position must send a cover letter stating the position of interest and a resume to Andrea Caesar (, in electronic format, by February 15th, 2003




The Team Manager has the ultimate responsibility for the National team.  The Manager is responsible for all the coordination and logistics of each game or tour.  All financial arrangements of the team will be under the auspices of the team manager.


The Manager is expected to work closely with the coach to ensure the highest possible experience of each player.


If you are interested or require further information, please send an email to Paul Plugger OKeeffe at




The Head Coach is responsible for the on-field performance of the Revolution.  He leads the selection process and the selection of the team.  He is responsible for choosing the assistant coaches.


The coach will be selected on a combination of demonstrated football skills, previous coaching experience and the ability to teach players who are relatively new to the game of Australian Football.


Applicants must be AFL Level 1 Coaching certified, with a preference for Level 2 certified.


If you are interested or require further information, please send an email to Mark Wheeler at


- Chris Adams

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