Australia Day Game and Celebration in Florida

The Florida Redbacks Australian Rules Football Club will be taking on the Atlanta Kookaburras Aussie Rules Club Saturday, January 25, at 2:00pm at the Sarasota Cricket Club in sunny and warm Sarasota, Florida which is just south of Tampa. This match is the first time the Florida Redbacks have hosted a game as they are a new team which started with 4 people kicking a footy just this past September. Since we have a rather large ground available, we are hoping to play 18 vs. 18. Thus, players from other teams are welcome to come down for a vacation and join in the fun.


The Aussie Rules is free of charge and open to the general public. We expect to provide plenty of excitement and fun for everyone. Come on out to Sarasota at 2pm on Saturday and enjoy the great game of Australian Rules Football.


Also join Redbacks and the Kookaburras at the Cock n Bull in Sarasota at 7:00 p.m. for the post game function that will feature a great selection of imported beers and specials on Coopers.


Contact Marc Karver at for more information.

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