USFooty December 2002 Newsletter

Macquarie University Scholarship Announced

Submitted by Denis Ryan,


The USAFL is pleased to announce Timothy Weir, of the Philadelphia Crows, as the winner of the inaugural Macquarie University Australian Football Scholarship to attend Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.




Thank you very much for this incredible opportunity to study at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia! Playing footy for the Division III Champion Philadelphia Crows this season has been an incredible experience. I have been very fortunate to have been coached by Andrew Lochhead and mentored by my more experienced Crows teammates. I look forward to continuing to train in preparation for playing with the Kookaburras and on learning about Australia before my departure! If someone had told me a year ago that I would be leaving the University of the Arts, where I am an Acting Major, to play Australian Football in Sydney for a semester, I would have said that they were crazy. Again, thank you very much for this great experience to study and play footy!



Tim Weir


Qantas AFL Scholarship Announced

Submitted by Denis Ryan,


The USAFL is pleased to announce Josh Loring, of the Lehigh Valley Crocodiles, as the winner of the 2003 QANTAS AFL Scholarship. The scholarship is a great reward for the many years of hard work that Josh has put into developing Australian Football, both personally and with the Lehigh team.


Wrangler Five Star Athlete Program

Submitted by Andrea Caesar,


Please take note that our own Jeff Fingers Purcell from the Phoenix Scorpions and the Captain of the American Revolution will appear in the December 16th edition of Sports Illustrated.  Congratulations to Jeff on being recognized as one of the Five-Star Athletes of the Year!


USFooty Celebrates

Submitted by Paul Plugger OKeeffe,


This October USFooty celebrated its fifth anniversary. It has been an amazing journey. One in which we have made strides on a monthly basis and achieved some staggering milestones, such as the Revolution trip to Australia and over 230 games played in 2002 alone.


The USAFL would like to recognize all of the club founders for which there would be no USAFL without all of the clubs.  Please check this link for the list of founders.


2003 Presidential Welcome

Submitted by Mark Wheels Wheeler,


I would like to take the time to thank the outgoing 2002 USAFL board and welcome the incoming 2003 board.


East VP Tim Blankemeyer
Central VP Jim Martin
West VP John Pops Meier
Secretary Brad Rinklin
Treasurer Chris Adams
Member At Large Ryan Richardson


To read more about the USAFLs new President, please click here for the rest of his address.

Submitted by Andrea Caesar,


Be sure to do some Holiday shopping at as there have been several new items added to the store.  Weve just received new items from Coopers, Burley Sekem, and the International Cup.  Dont forget that you can also get discounted 2002 and 2001 Nationals merchandise! 



Upcoming Events

Executive Board Retreat, Washington DC, January 17 19, 2003

AZAFL Metro Footy Tournament, Phoenix, Arizona, February 7 9, 2003

2003 Administrators Conference, TBD, March 28 30, 2003

Arafura Games, Darwin, Australia, May 12 28, 2003

Kansas City Spring Classic Tourny, Kansas City, MO, May 17 18, 2003

USA vs. Canada, TBD, August 2 3, 2003

USAFL National Championships, TBD, September/October 2003


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