USFooty Celebrates

This October USFooty celebrated its fifth anniversary. It has been an amazing journey. One in which we have made strides on a monthly basis and achieved some staggering milestones, such as the Revolution trip to Australia and over 230 games played in 2002 alone.

Many people have invested countless hours into the growth of the sport, at both the league and club level.

Given we are a club based organization this seemed an appropriate time to recognize those individuals that have founded the various clubs over the years. These people will be forever remembered as the pioneers of Aussie footy in America.

Many of the people listed have since returned to Australia, but we can celebrate the legacy they have left behind.

I hope that every USFooty player will seek out the founder of their club and give them a very personal "Thanks, mate", for without their foresight, energy, time, craziness, and commitment you would not be playing this great sport.

And, a sincere thank you, from me. Without your efforts the league would not have flourished over the years.

Paul "Plugger" O'Keeffe

USAFL Founder

Founder Club Year Founded
Cameron Ashe Baltimore Washington Eagles 1998 USAFL Founding Club
Mike Powers Atlanta Kookaburras 1998
Miles Simms Austin Crows 2002
Paul Whiting Boston Demons 1997
Paul Clarke Boston Demons 1997
Adam Mutton Boston Demons 1997
Rob Burgess Boston Demons 1997
John Roe II Boston Demons 1997
Dean Jackman Boston Demons 1997
Warrick Burgmann Chicago Sharks 2001
Sean Quinn Chicago Swans 1998
Geoff Cann Cincinnati Dockers 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Kevin Murray Cincinnati Dockers 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Brett Ryan Dallas Magpies 1997
Andrew Holland Dallas Magpies 1997
Chad Stover Dallas Magpies 1997
Craig Jones Denver Bulldogs 1998
Erik Bilicki Detroit Overdrive 1999
David Martinez Illinois Ironmen 2000
Jason Eustice Kansas City Power 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Robert Giabardo Lehigh Valley Crocodiles 1999
Jim Cooper Los Angeles Crows 1996 USAFL Founding Club
John Harrell Louisville Cats 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Trevor Church Louisville Cats 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Chris Parsley Louisville Cats 1996 USAFL Founding Club
Paul OKeeffe Milwaukee Bombers 1998
Peter Beare Nashville Kangaroos 1997 USAFL Founding Club
Marcus Dripps Nashville Kangaroos 1997 USAFL Founding Club
Mike Powers Nashville Kangaroos 1997 USAFL Founding Club
Erik Kallhovd New York Magpies 1998
Seth McElvaney North Carolina Tigers 1998
Wayne Pollock Orange County Bombers 1998
Tim Ferris Orange County Bombers 1998
Jeff Ward Orange County Bombers 1998
James Campbell Orange County Bombers 1998
Chris Hasson Philadelphia Crows 1999
Andrew Lochhead Philadelphia Crows 1999
Andrew Ashworth Phoenix Scorpions 1999
David Haydon Phoenix Scorpions 1999
Sam Conrad Phoenix Scorpions 1999
Bill Dusting San Diego Lions 1997
Paul Koch San Diego Lions 1997
Wayne Calliss San Diego Lions 1997
Warrick Burgmann Santa Cruz Roos 1996
Matt Muller Seattle Cats 1998
Jim Trenerry Seattle Cats 1998
Tony Maher South Carolina Hawks 1999
Sam Ingram St. Louis Blues 1997 USAFL Founding Club
Dave Nicholls St. Louis Blues 1997 USAFL Founding Club
Warren Ballagh Tri-Cities Saints 1998
Chris Adams Vermont Eagles 2001
Ryan LaPrade Vermont Eagles 2001
Scott Strenski Western PA Wallabies 2002
David Ulonska Western PA Wallabies 2002

- Paul O'Keeffe

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