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(KANSAS CITY) - The Kansas City Powers Mark Scott, known as Scotty to most of his mates, made history this past weekend by playing his 100th game of USAFL. He also captains the 2002 Power side.

The tall, lanky high flying Scotty has been the backbone of the Kansas City Power since joining the club back in 1996. At that time, the fledgling club was a mere six months old, so to gain a talented player from Victoria was quite a feather in the clubs hat.

Scotty attended the first ever USAFL board meeting, and played in the first ever USAFL Nationals. Interestingly, the first Nationals were played behind a barn in Cincinnati. In 2002, he is proud to be a part of the host club that is bringing the Nationals to Kansas City for the first time.

"Our Club has had good and hard times, but thanks to the ability to adapt to the game, our American players have kept the Power alive", says Scotty. KC doesnt have the numbers like the big clubs, nor the numbers of Australians, but we have the heart and the ability to mix it with anyone.

In addition to being a standout player and goal kicker, Scotty has served as president, coach, board member, and liaison officer with KCs sister club, Port Adelaide. He has also traveled back to Australia to visit the sister club and meet a few of the Port players in the locker rooms.

Current Power president and coach, Mark Wheels Wheeler, noted that so far in 2002 Scott is again the leading goal kicker on the squad, as well as leading the Best and Fairest voting.


Biggest Personal Achievement:

Playing for the USAFL national team.

Best KC Game Memory:

Beating Dallas, in Dallas, in 1999, in the dying moments of the game and being the only Australian in the side that day. It was a great step forward for our club.

Hardest hit, and by Whom:

A couple of years ago, there was a big guy who played full forward for Dallas. He ran through me, and about five minutes later, I picked up my chest.

What advice would you give to new players?

Have patience with your skills and ability, and practice, practice, practice!

Your thoughts on long term achievements for footy in the U.S.?

Clubs to grow their numbers and bring in junior college teams in each region. It would be great if we could get some games of USAFL shown on TV. Less travel to get to games, and a major sponsor that gives to all clubs to help them grow.

Where do you see yourself and your club by the end of the year?

I see KC having its best season ever, and myself having a strong season, with both fairing well at the Nationals in October.

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