Coaching Clinic

Dear Club Presidents,

The USAFL regrets to announce the cancellation of the USAFL Level 1 Coaching Clinic in St. Louis. NOTE THAT THE UMPIRES CLINIC WILL STILL GO AHEAD.

The USAFL is committed to improving the level of coaching and football knowledge through out the league. The USAFL believes this is especially important as more people are asked to take on coaching responsibility for junior teams, college teams and metro teams. However, the USAFL needs to work with the clubs to determine how to best serve the clubs needs. To help in this process, the regional VPs have been asked to collect data on the each clubs current coaching staff. This data is needed to ascertain the level of experience and training that already exists and the teams that need assistance in training their coaches.

Please contact me ( or Chris Adams ( if you have any questions or concerns.

Denis Ryan

Revolution Coach

- Denis Ryan

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