AZAFL Grand Final

Ah, at last. Grand Final weekend for the Arizona Australian Football League
arrived amid great fanfare for the anxious throngs of Aussie Rules
supporters and players. The seasoned Scottsdale Dingos having secured the
final berth in last round of AZAFL play appeared anxious and prepared to
take on the owners of the leagues best record, the Chandler Outlaws in this
years granny on the lush fields of the Scottsdale Community College
football stadium.

But hey, wait a moment. We had a curtain raiser to play first!

As the clock ticked toward the start of the match, the umpires still
outnumbered the players 6-1 with 10 minutes to go before the initial siren.

The hearty souls whose clubs barely missed one of the spots in the grand
final arrived early (in their eyes) to take part in the 2002 AZAFL Grand
Final Curtain Raiser. These highly conditioned athletes dedicated to the
sport and all its historic traditions, descended upon the verdant paddock
which was to be the site for this classic confrontation. The players were
initially dumbfounded by the appearance of a soft green substance on the
field surface. Regrettably, the SCC groundskeepers had ignored our request
to have the supple emerald groundcover replaced with the patented Arizona
Gold Desert Hybrid Bermuda Straw Grass. Actually, all that would have been
required of the school would have been to stop watering the field for
several months and stage tractor pulls on the grounds.

The players were divided among the two captains and the teams were set.
Pricillas Poofters were set to wage a meaningless battle with Porkchops

With the opening tip, Pricillas mates were engaged in a ferocious assault
on the Pansies meager defense. As the game wore on, blah, blah, blah,
Clean (AKA Hairball) kicked a goal! The defensive pressure of Pops in the
Poofters back line, blah, blah, blah...

And at the break:

Poofters 4-3-27

Pansies 1-4-10

The second half saw a surge of offense from the Pansies in the hard work of
Chad Martin, blah, blah, blahThen, Clean once again blah, blah, blah.
Toohey and Porkchop squared off at midfield blah, blah, blah

The final:

Poofters 9-3-57

Pansies 5-11-41

The best on ground voting was lost in the celebration but it was my
understanding there was a tie for 1st between Clean and Pops. No other
votes were apparently cast.


The newest club and owners of the best record in the AZAFL, the Chandler
Outlaws were set to take on the savvy Scottsdale Dingos in this 2002 AZAFL
Grand Final. The striking contrast of the red, white and blue of the
Dingos jumpers and recognizable blue and white stripes of Geelong donned by
the Outlaws caused an audible gasp from the crowd. It was either the sight
or perhaps not everyone had got their jumper into the wash since the last

At any rate, the two best squads took to the grounds for this epic
confrontation to settle once and for all the 2002 Premiership.

From the opening tip, the battle for the prized pill was relentless by both
clubs. The Outlaws, sans tenacious onballer Brad Pope relied upon the work
of Captain Jeff Fingers Purcell and Jason Yogi Parks to force the ball
into the Chandler forward line. Scottsdale countered with solid ruck work
by Revo hopeful Jay Ferris Mueller and wide-body Eric Alf Hitchcock.
Dingo Matty Bracher managed to range the entire ground gathering one possy
after another often sending the footy deep into the Chandler back line.
Chris Boot Vaine took the ball on the run and sailed it through for the
first major for the Dingos. Fingers, finding opportunity connected for his
first goal of the evening. The defensive posture taken by both clubs had
begun to shape the match as a low scoring affair. This tactic would not
benefit the high powered offense of the Scottsdale boys as they settled in
for the contest. This was sure to be a battle of wills and attrition as the
first break arrived.

First Quarter:

Scottsdale 1-3-9

Chandler 1-1-7

The second quarter began with the late arriving Chandler midfielder Simon
Mid-Field Marshall wresting control of the footy from the determined
Dingos and scoring a quick goal. The mammoth Scott Goat Lindquist booted
the second goal of the period for the Outlaws. Were not real sure from
where the nickname Goat was derived for this enormous human being as he in
no way resembles a goat. One can only surmise

Suffice to say the Dingos were becoming anxious and beginning to apply
further pressure to their cause. Ferris managed to strongly mark several
balls converting a total of one for a major. Matty continued to run hard
across the halfback and half-forward lines disrupting the mounting Chandler
offensive pressure. The perfectly coifed Dingos scrambled hard after each
loose ball holding the Outlaws to just two goals in the period. The match
was a virtual deadlock.


Scottsdale 2-6-18

Chandler 3-3-21

The third period began with both clubs tasting victory. The highest scoring
period was given over to brilliant passages of play and precise and brutal
hip and shoulders. The Dingos got the footy into the hands of Ruckman
Ferris who, delivering with uncharacteristic accuracy, two quick strikes for
home. A nasty shepherd several meters away from the pill gave Scottsdale
Captain Andrew Floyd Ashworth the opportunity to make the Outlaws pay for
their exuberance. Once Floyds sense of sight and smell returned, a
towering goal was kicked pulling the Dingos within 2 goals of regaining the

Fingers recognized the need to spur his comrades to respond in kind to the
offensive thrust of the Dingos. Mid-Field Marshall gathered up the loose
pill and delivered two well-timed goals for the Outlaws. The goals were
matched tit for tat between the clubs in the quarter. Yogi also got into
the scoring frenzy with a sharply kicked ball on the right wing late in the
period. Nick Mr. Rogers worked diligently to keep the Outlaws away from
the scoring zone, but was often out numbered by the pressing Chandler boys.

At the final break:

Scottsdale 6-6-42

Chandler 7-8-50

The final period of the epic confrontation began with a fierce level of play
seen only between the most intense of rivalries. The scoring was even by
both squads with the respective team Captains trading goals.

With the clock winding down, the Chandler Outlaws had outlasted the
persistent Dingos of Scottsdale in this match.


Scottsdale 7-7-49

Chandler 8-9-57

Best on Ground

1. Jeff Fingers Purcell

2. Matty Bracher

3. Jay Ferris Mueller

4. The rest of the Chandler boys

The post match festivities at Papago Brewing Company was lively and
entertaining. Fingers Outlaws set yet another AZAFL record by losing the
Premier Cup not once but twice in the same night. Rumor has it that the Cup
is on its way to Vegas to celebrate. Kevin "Cuppy" Striker is currently in
the doghouse for his lack of vigilence.

For a full version of the match report, go to and click on the GF
match report.

Congrats to everyone who had a hand in any manner which made the 2002 AZAFL
season a roaring success. We couldnt have done it without all of you!



John Meier


Arizona Australian Football League

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