The Swans are pleased to announce the formation of a new local league, the LMAFL (Lake Michigan Australian Football League). This league will feature all four teams located along the shores of the great Lake Michigan. These teams are: The Chicago Swans, The Chicago Sharks, The Illinois Ironmen and the Milwaukee Bombers. The Swans remain a member of the MAAFL, and are the current reigning champions of that league, but will also be a major force in the newly created league. A website with more information on the league will be available soon.

The league format will constitute three mini tournaments, to be held on the following dates: Saturday May 4th, Saturday June 29th and Saturday July 20th. Over the course of these three dates, each team will play six games (twice against each of the other teams), with the champions crown awarded to the team with the best record after all games are completed. A standard footy ladder will be kept throughout the LMAFL season (4 points for win, 2 points for draw, 0 points for loss, along with for/against percentages). All games will follow the USAFL tournament format, comprising 2 x 20 minute halves.

The complete schedule is as follows:

Saturday May 4th in Chicago

Game 1 Ironmen v Sharks

Game 2 Swans v Bombers

Game 3 Swans v Sharks

Game 4 Ironmen v Bombers

Saturday June 29th in Milwaukee

Game 5 Bombers v Sharks

Game 6 Swans v Ironmen

Game 7 Ironmen v Sharks

Game 8 Swans v Bombers

Saturday July 20th in Chicago

Game 9 Swans v Sharks

Game 10 Ironmen v Bombers

Game 11 Bombers v Sharks

Game 12 Swans v Ironmen

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